Amherst's Basic Cremation Package

FAQs: Online Cremation Arrangement

How secure are your online forms?

Our electronic forms are administered by RightSignature, which provides Secure SSL Data Encryption up to 256-bit level (the highest) of security by VeriSign, one of the leader in electronic data encryption and verification. Each executed online document is backed by a certificate with court-admissible validity data, including the audit log and each party’s name, email, signature, IP address, and other identity information.

Our online payment channel is directly administered by PayPal, the leader in online payment service provider. PayPal interfaces are time-tested, highly secure media, which are encrypted with 128-bit SSL Data Encryption. Please visit PayPal for more official information of their security.

I prefer to complete the forms manually. Can I print these online forms?

Yes, you can certainly print these forms to be filled out manually. You will then need to fax (or scan and email) the completed forms.

How do I print the online forms without showing all the entry fields?

Please follow these instructions.

Do I need to print these forms to sign them?

No. Our forms are designed to allow you to complete and sign all the documents online. You can provide your signature using your computer's mouse or touchpad. Though not necessary, signing the forms using iPad, tablets, iPhone and other smartphones is even easier.

How do I submit IDs without a scanner or fax machine?

You can take photo of the IDs with any camera-equipped devices (e.g. cellphone, smartphone, iPad, tablets or any computer with a camera). Remember where these image files (photos) are being saved in your devices, so you can attach them to your text or email message and send them to us.

What are the basic differences between Amherst and Essential Packages?

Other than difference in prices, Amherst Cremation Package (ACP) was created as an all inclusive and truly dignified simple cremation package. ACP includes cloth-covered cremation container (Amherst's exclusive) and a simple cherry-finished urn (suitable for respectful safekeeping, transport, burial, memorial and other formal services). ACP also includes the option of having our funeral director come to you to complete arrangement (instead of online self-completion).

On the other hand, Essential Cremation Package (ECP) provides the very basic cardboard cremation container and plastic utility urn. As part of ECP reduced cost, we ask families to complete arrangement forms completely online.

I don't have online access. Can I still get the Essential Package?

Our Essential Cremation Package was designed to provide you with the maximum savings, in exchange of your contribution to completing the arrangement yourself. If you would like to take advantage of this savings but have no online access, please contact us to schedule a mutually convenient time to meet at our office. For an additional $50.00 fee, we will complete all of the necessary documents for you at our office.

Do I need a PayPal account to submit payment online?

No, PayPal account is not required to make payment online. You can pay by credit card. Simply click on yellow "Pay Now" button and select "Don't Have PayPal Account?" option to go to pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover).

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