Online Arrangements

What's Next: After Completing Online Arrangement


So you've completed all the steps of our online arrangement. What will happen now?

  1. Our administration office will review the documents submitted. We will contact you should there be any missing information or if additional clarfication is needed before we can proceed.
  2. If the deceased had not been immediately transferred to our sheltering facility at the time of passing (which typically happen for a death at a hospital), we will arrange for a transfer upon confirmation of its release by the hospital.
  3. We will secure the physician/coroner-issued Medical Certificate of Death which, along with the information you provided, are needed to register the death with Vital Statistics of BC and obtain cremation/burial permit and the death certificate(s).
  4. Once all the necessary cremation paperwork is obtained, our transfer team will transport the remains to the crematorium. The actual cremation will be scheduled and completed by the crematorium within 3 to 4 business days from the date of arrival at crematorium.
  5. After we receive back the cremated remains, we will contact you to schedule a delivery of the cremated remains, along with the death certificates, to you.
  6. Though rarely, please understand that delays DO happen. Factors such as staturory holidays, physician's/coroner's availability and workload, incomplete paperwork, as well as equipment breakdown may push back the date of return we initially gave you. We will update you should any of these relevant situations(to your case) arise. Otherwise, no news is good news.
  7. We understand that circumstances may change from time to time. Should you have additional requests or needs beyond what's included with our Basic Cremation Package (e.g. additional death certificates, shipment or scattering of cremated remains, etc.), please contact us so that we may assist you.



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