5 Interesting Facts About Cremation

As cremation is growing in popularity around the world, some aspects of it are still a mystery to most. To shine some light on this process, here are five facts you might find interesting about cremation.

It’s the Heat

Many believe that the flames are the element that engulfs the remains and slowly burn them to ash. But that’s not the case. In fact, it’s the intense heat that cremates the body, with temperatures rising up to 2,000 degrees. The heat’s energy is what transforms a body of flesh and bone into a coarse powder.

Not Everything Burns

There are just some things a 2,000-degree oven can’t burn. While the deceased is usually cremated fully, objects like gold fillings, joint screws, metal plates or prostheses will remain once the fire is out. These items are typically removed prior to cremation but sometimes things can be missed during preparation.

Ashes Aren’t Ashes

It’s quite common for people to refer to the cremated remains of someone as ‘ashes,’ which is natural seeing as they’re the remnants of a fire. However, these aren’t technically ashes. Instead, they’re bone fragments that have broken down to resemble something similar to coarse sand. The amount of ‘ashes’ left over depends on the person’s height prior to their death, so taller people will end up with a larger pile of ashes than shorter people.

Uncollected Remains

It’s common for family members to come and collect the cremated remains of their loved ones, but there are times when that’s just not the case. Sometimes, family members never come back to the funeral home for the pickup, whether it’s because they simply forgot or the deceased just don’t have family left. Whatever the case, funeral directors are required to hold onto the remains for a certain amount of time, depending on the city’s guidelines. After that time is up and the remains are still unclaimed, they have to be disposed of respectfully.

You Can Have a Viewing Too

Many people believe that you need to choose between having a funeral and viewing at a funeral home or cremation. However, you have the option to do both. Whether that means having the funeral before the cremation process begins or having the funeral centered around the deceased’s remains in a beautiful urn, there are options your funeral director can discuss with you.

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