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Scott McFarlane
R. Scott McFarlane

Owner, Licensed Funeral Director, Embalmer & a Simple Man

Meet Scott, a true Albertan by birth who’s made Vancouver his home for most of his life.  A proud Canadian, Scott has dedicated nearly his entire career and expertise to the local BC funeral industry, pouring his passion and meticulous attention to detail into his work, especially in embalming.  As a funeral director with over four decades of experience, Scott has led teams at some of Vancouver’s most prestigious funeral homes and chapels, including the now-closed Armstrong Funeral Home in Chinatown (along with its sister chapels: Roselawn Funeral Directors (also permanently closed) and Bell Funeral Home) and Kearney’s Catholic Funeral Home. These managerial positions honed his expertise in handling a wide range of funeral practices, particularly those rooted in traditional Asian (especially Chinese and Japanese) customs and Catholic rites and practices.

Throughout his career, Scott noticed an unsettling trend in the industry— a focus on profits that often prioritized above burdened grieving families. He saw a move away from the core values of funeral service, which prompted him to start something new. So, in late 2008, Scott founded Amherst Cremation Care Company. His goal was simple: to offer straightforward, affordable, and dignified funeral services that respect both the deceased and the needs of their families.

Scott’s approach clearly resonated with many. In just a few short years, Amherst not only flourished but also partnered with the Memorial Society of BC. Under Scott’s leadership, this partnership dramatically increased the Society’s membership, confirming that his vision for low-cost, respectful funeral services was indeed what many were seeking.  

Scott’s dedication as well as his simple and no-nonsense approach to funeral services are helping change how we honor and remember our loved ones, proving that sincerity and simplicity often speak the loudest. Guided by the very same founding principles as his vision, Amherst is here to serve all of the Vancouver and BC Lower Mainland. 

  • Amherst is licensed and accredited by Consumer Protection BC

    License # 59661 (Vancouver Main Office)

    License # 72390 (Coquitlam Mortuary)

  • Scott is licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer

    License # 16232

  • Over 40 years of solid experience in the Funeral Service Industry

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