About Amherst

Founded by Scott McFarlane, Amherst Funeral & Cremation Services Inc (founded as Amherst Cremation Care Company) is a proudly Canadian, locally owned and operated independent business. Amherst is not part of any funeral/cemetery chain nor is it associated with any other funeral homes or chapels.

Amherst Funeral & Cremation Services Inc. was founded with one clear mission: to provide quality yet affordable funeral services to all, without sacrificing the respect and dignity in its continuous care for both the dying and the living. We believe that:

  • it is possible to honour and to fulfill your loved one’s final wishes without draining your family’s bank account.

  • as consumers, families have more choices than what they have traditionally been led to believe. We only require ‘an open mind’.

  • funeral arrangements should be simple, to-the-point, and free of sales pitch. It’s a difficult time for your family – you need not be confused with costly choices.

  • families should have direct access to funeral provider, without hindrance from referral companies who often confuses and complicates what otherwise direct and cost-saving processes.

Amherst specializes in, and is now well-known for its all-inclusive Basic Cremation Package. However, Amherst is fully licensed by Consumer Protection BC (formerly known as ‘BPCPA’) to provide a full range of funeral services, including traditional and green burials (our ‘green’ is not a mere marketing trend. We are certified by the Green Burial Council).

If ours are unlike the rest, that is because ours are simply done ‘The Amherst Way‘.

R. Scott McFarlane

Owner, Licensed Funeral Director & a Simple Man