Is a casket required for cremation?

When cremating a loved one, you may be wondering if a casket is necessary or not. Losing a loved one can be trying times. Amidst being surrounded by emotional upheaval, practical decisions pertaining to the last rights and cremation can be quite confusing. To decide one option over another is really difficult. Though a casket may not […]

5 Interesting Facts About Cremation

As cremation is growing in popularity around the world, some aspects of it are still a mystery to most. To shine some light on this process, here are five facts you might find interesting about cremation. It’s the Heat Many believe that the flames are the element that engulfs the remains and slowly burn them […]

Tips For Writing An Obituary On The Internet

It can be challenging to put your emotions into words when a family member dies. When writing an obituary on the internet, you will, of course, include their accomplishments but you will also want to speak of how meaningful their life was in other ways. The internet has allowed for obituaries to become much longer […]

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