Five Advantages of Urn Vaults

When a loved one decides to opt for cremation over another end of life option, the next decision they must take is what the remains will be placed in. Some families might prefer to bury the ashes while another would rather them kept somewhere more visible that can be held. One way to do this is through an urn vault. Even if you prefer them buried, an urn vault can have several advantages over standard urns.


Some standard urns are not designed to withstand the environment they are buried in. Weathering and erosion can take its toll on certain types of materials. The constant digging in a cemetery around it could also risk the urn getting damaged. You will not have to worry about where you bury your loved one’s urn if you choose a vault. These urns are designed to withstand excessive weathering. They are usually made of non-biodegradable materials like polystyrene, ABS plastic, or cultured marble. These materials can resist environment destruction. An urn made of biodegradable material will eventually break down in the ground. Some are made from stainless steel, which protects against moisture. It is not recommended to use concrete as it is not airtight or watertight.


The word vault may make it seem like these urns are dense and heavy, but it is actually the opposite. These urns are light enough to be taken to a service and then to the gravesite or funeral home without much fuss.


Most cemeteries require urn vaults to bury ashes. An urn vault makes it easy to do this, and it also makes it easy to transport the ashes should they need to be moved to a different site. That may be necessary if you move and decide to keep your loved one buried close by. An urn vault assures you that you can move it without worry.


While some urn vaults can be quite costly, there are always models that are inexpensive and still offer adequate protection against the elements. There are options that are less decorative that will still keep your loved one’s ashes enclosed. Cultured marble, in particular, is an excellent option because it looks elegant and is much more affordable than natural marble. That is because true marble is difficult to work with and transport.


Like a headstone, an urn vault can have personalized wording on it. This added feature can make saying goodbye easier with the right words engraved forever. You can even add designs and decorations to it to make it even more special. The process of customizing an urn vault can be therapeutic for the family of the deceased. It can bring closure to a tragic lose and make people feel assured that they did everything they could for their loved one after their death.

If your loved one wishes to be cremated, an urn vault is the ideal final resting place for them. Call the experts at Amherst Funeral and Cremation to learn more about your options and find the urn vault that is right for your loved one.

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