How to make funeral flower arrangements at home

It is difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one but doing something constructive can make it easier to deal with. Getting those creative juices flowing can relieve stress and allows you to contribute something physical. Arranging flowers for a loved one’s funeral is a thoughtful way to contribute to the service. Their family will also appreciate the gesture and will be relieved of being spared the burden of finding and purchasing flowers. All the supplies you need to arrange flowers can be easily found at your local florist – from flowers to vases. Here are the most popular designs that have stood the test of time:

Round Wreath

This is a versatile display that can be arranged in many locations. These can be put on the casket itself or frame a photograph.

To create a round wreath:

  • Use a circular piece of floral foam as the base. Ensure it is moist so that the flowers stay hydrated when attached.
  • Cover it with short-stemmed foliage.  
  • Make sure every bit of the wreath is covered including the inner part and sides. No foam should be visible.
  • Use the focal flowers on the face of the wreath, leaving space between them for smaller flowers.
  • Use smaller flowers to fill the spaces between the focal flowers and even smaller ones around those.

Funeral Cross

These displays are best suited for inside the venue or memorial service. To make a funeral cross:

  • Use plastic containers to make the base and shape them in the form of a cross.
  • Glue the floral foam to the plastic containers.
  • Hide the foam with short-stemmed foliage around all sides of the cross. These will also act as the base.
  • Large white flowers like hydrangeas or dahlias should be used to fill the centre of the cross.
  • Choose the colour of your preference to fill the centre of the cross where the two lines meet. These will be the focal flowers, and you can use more than one colour so long as they are bright hues.

Casket Spray

Designed to be placed on top of the casket specifically. It is an elegant way to embellish the casket and add a special touch. To create a casket spray:

  • Use a rectangular base.
  • Use insulated wire or tape to stick two identical pieces of floral foam together. Doing so will add height to the arrangement.
  • Glue the floral foam to the container.
  • Cover all edges with broad leaves like ferns.
  • Use smaller foliage to fill any gaps. To create a layered effect, use larger leaves around the lower part of the base and put smaller leaves above it.
  • Start from the centre with your focal flowers and fill gaps with filler flowers and extra foliage throughout.

Before soaking the floral foam, you can add botanical preserve to keep your arrangements fresher for longer.

Keeping your hands busy with a creative project is an excellent way to be productive while you grieve. Family and friends will appreciate your personal touch to the service and enjoy having arrangements that are unique. Contact us for more info.