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Saying goodbye to a loved one is tough, and this is something we understand very well. This is why we provide grieving families an opportunity to pour their heart out for the deceased soul.

  • At Amherst, we invide people to share
  • Memorial obituary,
  • Tribute; and/or
  • Condolence message to honour and pay respect.

Do not hold what’s weighing your heart down and pen down a heartfelt message for the near and dear ones of the departed soul. We can also arrange a writer for you if that’s what you need. The content will be published on the site after receiving your final approval.

An opportunity not to be missed. Our memorial service is available online, 24/7. Contact us to arrange a home memorial service for you and your family.

Memorial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

On our website, the memorials of your loved ones last long. We do not delete any profiles, and they are archived eventually.

We have shared a short form on the memorial page to post your condolences on the site. Input basic information about your loved one, photo, and fill out some information about yourself. We will post your message online.

It depends! Contact our funeral director to know the exact quote. 

You can if that’s what you are willing to do. We can also write on your behalf. You have to provide us with the necessary details, including name, occupation, age, life story, and more to be included. 

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