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Sing Chi Alan Lin 林承志

Sing Chi Alan Lin

Funeral Service

Saturday, September 5, 2020
1:30 PM
Westwood Alliance Church
3129 Ozada Avenue, Coquitlam, BC
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Funeral Service Program

Obituary for Sing Chi Alan Lin 林承志

January 29, 1962 – August 18, 2020

Alan was born in Hong Kong on January 29th, 1962. Along with his parents and younger brother, they lived in Hong Kong Island on Leighton Hill/Tai Hang Road until he was 12, where he then went to Britain for schooling. After high school, he went to Switzerland to study hotel management.

Upon returning to Hong Kong in 1991, he met Pat while they were working at the same hotel. In February 1993, Alan and Pat moved to Vancouver, and in the same year, they got married in March. Together they have two boys, Matthew and Joshua. For the family, Alan was extremely hardworking. Even when things were tough, he would never complain as it was all about a stable life for the family. Alan was a responsible family man, a loving husband, and a caring father. Alan selflessly gave for his family, as he highly valued each member’s relationship. Pat takes very good care of the family; the children respect and love their parents-- the Lins is indeed a harmonious family. Alan was passionate about people, was easy-going and kind-hearted, and he deeply cared for his friends. Alan loved and excelled in bowling and tennis, especially bowling competitions, where he earned many trophies.

Just as things were going well, on July 27th this year, Alan was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. When he was staying at the hospital, Pat and their two sons took turns in taking care of Alan every day. Alan faced his illness head-on and never gave up. What would have been a painful journey, by the grace of God, Alan did not have to endure too long of a pain. On the morning of August 18th, 2020 at 11 AM, the Lord welcomed Alan to his heavenly home, preventing him from further worldly sufferings, at peace with the LORD. Just two days prior on August 16th, Alan’s beloved father also went to be with the LORD. May both father and son rest in peace in eternity together, without worrying about physical separation.

生平簡述 Eulogy

Alan 於1962年1月29日出生於香港,與父母及弟弟住在港島大坑道及禮頓山, 直至他12歲時便到英國留學,完成中學後再往瑞士進修酒店管埋。

Alan回港工作後,於1991年認識了當時在同一酒店工作的Pat, Alan 與 Pat 於1993年2月一起來到温哥華,並於同年3月結婚, 他們育有兩子 Matthew 及 Joshua;為了家庭,Alan 十分勤奮工作,就算辛苦疲累,也從無怨言,為的是給家人較安穩的生活,Alan 對家庭盡責,愛護妻子,疼錫兒子,Alan 無私的付出,使家庭的關係更加緊扣, 妻子盡心照顧家庭,兒子尊敬孝順父母,一家樂也融融; Alan待人熱誠,態度隨和及心地善良, 甚得朋友的關心和愛戴,Alan一生熱愛保齡球及網球,技術精湛,尤其在保齡球比賽中,獲得不少獎項。

滿以為一切已漸入佳境,Alan 於7月27日因急病入了醫院,並確診患了末期癌症, 在住院期間,Pat及兩位兒子每天早晚輪流照顧Alan,Alan 也坦然面對病情,從不放棄。這病本是很痛苦的 ,感謝 神的恩典,Alan沒有經歷長久及太大的痛楚,於8日18日早上11時被主接回天家,免了地上的勞苦,安息主懷。而他所掛念親愛的父親亦於8月16日返回天家,兩父子從此在天家相聚,不需因地域所限而彼此牽掛。

Memorial Tribute

The following video presentation is a memorial tribute in loving memory of Alan, as presented at his Funeral Service, created by his family.

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