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Dr. Kin Kong Wan

Dr. Kin Kong Wan


Obituary for Dr. Kin Kong Wan

August 17, 1950 – September 5, 2020

Dr. Kin Kong Wan, beloved husband, father, dentist, and well-known current events radio host, has passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. He is survived by his loving wife, children, and grandchildren.

“K.K.”, as he was affectionately known, came from humble beginnings, emigrating from China to Hong Kong at age 8. Outside of school, K.K. helped his mother run her convenience store, learning the value of hard work early on and carrying this work ethic throughout his life.

Graduating from the prestigious Queen’s College secondary school in Hong Kong, K.K. went on to attend the University of Toronto, where he completed degrees in Pharmacology, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.

He established his dental practice in Vancouver’s Chinatown, where he served the community for over 38 years. Besides caring for patients, he also became involved as a board member of S.U.C.C.E.S.S., one of the largest social service agencies in Canada. His contributions to public life were recognized with the 125th Anniversary Confederation of Canada Medal.

In 1993, he was nominated as the Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament candidate for the Vancouver South Riding. He went on to co-host the top-rated Chinese language current events program on Fairchild Radio for over 25 years. For their work, K.K. and his fellow radio co-hosts were awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

K.K.'s crowning achievement as a B.C. dentist was the successful lobbying for dentists’ right to treat their spouses. K.K. had served as a board member for many years, prior to becoming President of the Chinese Canadian Dental Society. Another proud moment for K.K. was when he was elected President of the B.C. Dental Association (BCDA) of which he was a founding board member. In March 2020, he was honoured with a lifetime BCDA membership award for his exemplary service to dentistry.

To the public, he was a caring dentist, an insightful commentator, and a community leader. To his family, he will be remembered for his strong principles, generosity, and his heart of gold. His fierce drive for success lifted him out of poverty, leading him to become the accomplished man that he was. His positive outlook never allowed him to complain; as far as he was concerned, life was beautiful and he was blessed. He had a profound impact on our community and will be sorely missed.

Obituary for Dr. Kin Kong Wan


1950年8月17 日 - 2020年9月5日

溫建功醫生, 摯愛的丈夫﹑慈父﹑牙醫﹑著名的電台時事評論員, 及社區領袖。勇抗癌症多年, 最後安詳與世長辭。遺下有愛妻﹑兒孫及各方親朋好友。

我們熟識的K.K., 勤奮好學, 與母親由中國到香港。年僅八歲已懂孝道,在家業中工作, 不懼勞苦。堅守原則, 從貧窮至小康。

「皇仁書院」中學畢業, 到「多倫多大學」囊括了「藥物學」﹑「牙醫」及「藥劑師」。

38年來 K.K.為市民提供高質素牙醫服務。 K.K. 是華埠一份子, 積極參與「 中僑互助會」。曾任多屆理事及支持中僑活動。為表彰K.K. 30多年來對社區的偉大貢獻。K.K. 實至名歸, 榮獲「加拿大125年國慶」徽章。

1993 年, K.K. 參選溫哥華南區「國會議員」選舉。 這是K.K. 對社區的無私奉獻。25年來, K.K.在「加拿大中文電台」, 共同主持「時事評論」及其他時事節目。K.K.及共同主持, 榮獲「加拿大女皇伊利莎伯二世鑽禧紀念」徽章。

K.K. 為歷任「加華牙醫學會」CCDS會長。是「卑詩牙醫協會」BCDA創會成員。2019年榮譽當選為BCDA會長。2020年三月, 獲頒發「終生榮譽會員獎」。K.K.最驕人的成就, 是成功爭取到BC省牙醫可以醫治配偶的權利。

在社區中, K.K.是個關愛病人的「牙醫」, 一個資深的「時事評論員」, 亦是一個傑出的「社區領袖」。 在家庭中, 他的不屈不朽的精神﹑熱愛生命﹑寬宏大量﹑和藹可親及高尚品格, 將永遠留在妻子﹑兒孫及親友心中。 他發奮圖強精神, 好學不倦, 使他成為博學多才的成功專業人士。 積極的「人生觀」, 從不怨天由人。 一直以來, 他認為: 他的一生是豐盛美麗, 蒙受上主恩賜眷愛。K.K.是我們的典範, 良師益友, 他對社區貢獻巨大, 我們將永遠悼念他。

K.K. 再見吧!

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