Tips For Writing An Obituary On The Internet

It can be challenging to put your emotions into words when a family member dies. When writing an obituary on the internet, you will, of course, include their accomplishments but you will also want to speak of how meaningful their life was in other ways.

The internet has allowed for obituaries to become much longer than before. Space restrictions in newspapers and other physical publications limited how much people used to be able to write about a deceased family member. That is no longer the case with online obituaries, where people can give a full, detailed account of their family member’s life.

With more freedom to say what you want, it can be tricky to figure out where to start. Here are some tips to get you going:

Family listings

You can start by listing the immediate family members of the deceased along with other close relatives or friends. There is no hard and fast rule to the order people are listed in, but you can use how close they were as a guideline. Be sure to include family members that passed away before this person such as parents, even if they died a while ago.

Significant statistics

Include important data about the individual such as their birth date and place, date of death, full name, and whether cremation or burial will take place. This is also the opportunity to mention any measurable achievements such as work accomplishments. You can weave these facts into a narrative about their life to add colour and depth to their obituary. Listing events chronologically is fine, but do not be afraid to get creative with it either.

Close connections

You should also speak of the local communities your loved one was involved with. This could include supporting sports teams, organizations, or charities. Write about how they supported these initiatives and the results of their help.

Requests and acknowledgments

Other people you should remember to include are the medical personnel or other individuals who helped care for the deceased towards the end of their life. It is an excellent way to show gratitude for their efforts. Also, mention whether the family would prefer the money to be sent to an organization in place of flowers. Doing so can help loved ones ease their pain of loss.

You can include a line from a poem or short prayer at the end if that is something that would be fitting. These messages are optional but can be a way to incorporate something that did not work well higher up in the obituary.

Military service

The sacrifices made by military members should be acknowledged, especially if the deceased endured injuries or received recognition for their efforts. Mention where they served, if they were a part of combat action, and include a story from their time in the military.

Like a funeral, the purpose of an obituary is to acknowledge the life of a deceased loved one and celebrate it. The specialists at Amherst can help make sure your loved one’s funeral service respectfully commemorates their life. Call us today to learn more.

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