What To Wear To A Funeral

Dressing appropriately to send someone off into the next life is one of the most respectful gifts you can give the grieving family. Be that person that does not make one of the hardest days of
someone’s life more difficult by disrespecting their traditions. Here are a few basic guidelines on what to wear to a funeral.

Colour Scheme

You always see people in movies and television shows wearing black to funerals. Well, there’s a reason for that. Traditional western funerals have patrons dress in darker colours as a mark of
respect towards the family and the deceased. Obviously, this depends on the culture and traditions of the family holding the service, so check ahead of time as to what is culturally appropriate for the ceremony. Research the grieving families traditions regarding funeral attire online to show your respect during this difficult time.

Never Go Casual

Showing up in shorts or a mini skirt just is not a good idea. Nothing screams disrespect like not following the basic principle of how to dress for a funeral. As a sign of reverence, avoid wearing
jeans, short-sleeved shirts or tank tops, casual or athletic shoes or inappropriate headwear. Unless of course the family explicitly allows it.

Dress It Up

A sign of respect at a funeral home is to dress your best. A full-on tuxedo is a bit much, but wearing a dark suit is your best bet. If that’s too uncomfortable for you, a crisp button-down collared shirt with dress pants and a tie will get the job done, accompanied by a nice jacket. If you want to wear a skirt or dress, make sure it’s formal and stops at an appropriate length. To the knees or longer is safe. Or if you’d prefer, pairing dress pants with an elegant sweater or blouse is still respectful of all parties involved. Finish the outfit with heels, dress shoes or loafers, and simple accessories.

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