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Essential Cremation Package


Our Most Affordable Package:

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Our most basic cremation package designed to give you the lowest price around, the freedom to customize additional options to suit your needs (if desired), and the control & the convenience of completing arrangements entirely online – anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, without any pressure. Includes transfer from hospitals, shelter, registration, cremation fee, taxes and:

  • 1 (one) original death certificate
  • a basic cardboard cremation container 
  • 1 (one) temporary plastic urn
  • 10 (ten) business days’ turnaround time
  • convenient online arrangement or in-person at our locations
  • in-person delivery of the ashes (within BC Lower Mainland)

Essential Cremation Package

Detailed Pricing

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*Effective April 24, 2022: Additional transfer fee of $150.00 is applicable for any on demand removal from a home residence, hospice, care facility, hospital floor (non-morgue transfer) and/or MAID event*

The Most Trusted Brand

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Amherst has been honoured with numerous prestigious awards and recognition – more than any other funeral providers ever received. We keep getting better to provide you the very best services in Vancouver and all BC Lower Mainland!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Amherst' Essential Cremation Package

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Can we add to this package?
  • a Simple ID Viewing (a private visitation for up to 5 people) $400
  • For witnessing the start of cremation, please see our all-inclusive Witness Cremation Package.
  • Upgrade to any urn of your choice. Our urn catalogue can be found here
  • Upgrade to any casket: please see our casket catalogue.
  • Rush cremation fee $395 (ashes and death certificate are ready in 2 (two) business days from the availability of all required cremation permits).
  • Shipment of cremated remains to any Canadian address outside of our service area (via Expedited  Service by Canada Post at flat rate of $80) or to any US address (Canada Post/USPS at a flat rate of $150).

Are there any additional charges to consider?

  • Additional transfer fee of $150 applies to any on demand removal from home residence, hospice, care facility, hospital floor (non-morgue transfer) and/or MAID event.  This fee applies if you require immediate transfer from hospital floor (ICU, palliative care unit, etc) where otherwise body will be normally be stored at hospital’s morgue for later transfer upon standard release procedure.
  • Upgrade to an oversize cremation container ($195) is required when body weight is over 220 lbs.
  • Death due to Covid-19 (if specified in the Medical Certificate of Death) requires a local cremation to be arranged at an additional cost of $200 (waived for Amherst Cremation Package).
  • We serve the entire BC Lower Mainland. Long distance transfer from outside of this service area may be arranged at additional costs (please call us for estimate).

Where do we go to ... ?

  • To view/visit my loved one?  Simple ID viewings are held at Amherst Mortuary Service Centre in Coquitlam.
  • To witness a (scheduled) cremation? Witness cremation can be scheduled at either:
  • All of other non-witness cremation are performed at Amherst’s owned/operated crematorium (operated jointly with Safe Harbor Crematorium at 2750D Peace Portal Drive, Blaine, Washington)
  • To drop off clothes for viewings, witness or funerals: Please call to schedule or alert us your arrival (to ensure clothes and items are received safely) at 207 West Hastings Street (Suite 1209), Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7. Alternatively, you may arrange to drop-off at our Mortuary Service Centre in Coquitlam, BC.
  • To collect ashes, death certificates or other documents: If you choose to not have them delivered to your home, pick up can be arranged at either of our Vancouver or Coquitlam locations above.
  • To attend funeral, memorial or graveside services: Each of this event will be held at specific venue. Please contact the family of the decedent to ensure that you are invited to attend the event (as some may be held as private affair for immediate family members only).

What do I need to arrange a cremation ?

  • You need to be an executor of the estate, a spouse, child/grandchild or parents of the decedent. If not, you will need an written authorization from any of the above who has the highest level of control under the rules of the province.
  • A copy of the Last Will or POA (Power of Attorney – if preneed arrangement).
  • A photo IDs (e.g. driver’s license, provincial care card, passport or birth certificate) of the decedent. Your own valid, government-issued photo ID is also required.
  • Sign the required authorizing documents.  These documents can be completed entirely online.
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